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Autoclave for Fly Ash Bricks

Autoclave is important equipment for fly ash bricks and it is always used to steam curing the building materials and fly ash brick is a very attractive environment-friendly building material for its advantages in saving energy and using industrial end products. And much attention has been paid to autoclaved brick in its resistance to dry shrinkage and desirable strength performance. And the autoclaved fly ash bricks has the features of light weight, porous, thermal insulation, fireproof and sound insulation, etc.

Autoclave for fly ash bricks steam curing in ZG Boiler can realize single or double face uniform pressure construction brick. Due to batching, brick shape different, the brick machine performance parameters may be different. Adopting professional PLC computer control, the autoclave can realize fully automatic working; stacking machine application, can save labor cost, improve profits. Fly ash bricks need a series of equipment, and the fly ask bricks curing is the last step, and it usually ensures the quality of fly ash bricks. So industrial autoclave is essential.

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Autoclave for Fly ash Brick Advantage

(1) It is controlled by PLC and fitted with remote control device.
(2) The autoclave Block Machine electricity motor for host machine we use Germany Siemens motor, for other parts, we use CE motor.
(3) Rakes in several rows make sure raw materials fed well-distributed.
ZG Boiler is the autoclave manufacturer for fly ask bricks and the industrial horizontal autoclave for sale in our company is carefully designed and manufactured on the basis of fully absorbing the strengths of similar products at home and abroad and standards related to pressure vessels, and it makes the finite element analysis and calculation on the major pressure components of autoclaved reactor, which can ensure safe and reliable operation. Besides the autoclave for fly ash bricks, we also design and manufacturer steam boiler and hot water boiler. Feel free to contact our online service or leave a message on our website if you are interested in our products, we will serve you within 24 hours.

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