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2 Sets WNS Series Gas Fired Steam Boiler to Bangladesh

Projects: 1 ton and 2 ton WNS series oil & gas fired steam boiler export to Bangladesh

Application: produce steam for textile mill

Background: In the end of 2015, a client from Bangladesh visited our website and he said he wanted 2 sets gas fired steam boiler applied to the textile mill steam providing. After contacts with our sales manager, he was interested in our fire tube steam boiler which was the subitem of high efficient and green boiler in the World Bank’s GEF Program, and each technical index of the fire tube steam boiler has reached the world advanced level. Then the client visited our factory and signed an agreement with us in Jan, 2016. After the agreement, our factory began to design and manufacture the 1 ton and 2 ton WNS series gas fired boiler according to the client. In the mid of April, the 2 sets WNS series gas fired boilers were finished and they were installed and put into practice in May.

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2 Sets WNS Series Gas Fired Boiler for Sale

This time, the 2 sets WNS series gas fired boiler once again were designed and manufactured with the advantages of performance optimization, in addition to retaining large-volume combustion chamber design, making the combustion more fully. And the nitrogen oxide emissions are as low as 35mg / m3, and it also achieves a fully automated boiler operation. Meanwhile, the 2 sets WNS series gas fired steam boiler uses an advanced wave furnace structure, both to increase the heat transfer area, but also to meet the gall bladder heated free expansion.

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