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Biomass Based Power Generation Boiler in Zimbabwe

 Biomass based power generation boiler has contributed a lot to electricity in Zimbabwe and ZG Boiler is biomass based power plant boiler manufacturer in Zimbabwe and we have exported several sets industrial boilers to meet industries’ demand in Zimbabwe.

Biomass Resources in Zimbabwe

Biomass supplies about 66% of total energy consumption in Zimbabwe. In recent times there has been an increasing interest in the country to increase the utilization of biomass resources for energy purposes. The major biomass materials found in Zimbabwe are fuel wood, crop and forestry residues, animal dung, energy crops, municipality and industrial wastes.

Biomass Based Power Generation

The potential of bagasse/co-generation in Zimbabwe is estimated to be 633 GWh, particularly from sugarcane. There is also the potential for power generation from wood waste generated from the timber industry with over 70,000 tons of biomass waste each year. In the long-term, this figure is projected to double by 2015. At most large timber mills, only a small fraction (~10%) of wood waste that is generated, is currently consumed in process steam boilers for lumber drying kilns, while the vast majority is burned in the open air or dumped. It’s estimated that at least 4 MW of power could potentially be generated from waste that is produced from large mills.

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Biomass Based Power Generation Boiler in Zimbabwe

Circulating Fluidized Bed technology is an ideal technology to be used for biomass based power generation boiler with a broad variety of biomass fuels. The well known benefits of CFB technology, such as the superior fuel flexibility, inherently low emissions and high availability can be fully utilized. ZG Boiler is the biomass based power generation boiler in Zimbabwe and the biomass based power generation boiler for sale has wide applicability for different biomass energy, and they includes: wood and wood wastes; agricultural wastes and crops produced for use as bio fuels; bio-derived fuels, including: municipal solid waste, refuse-derived fuel, sewage sludge, animal waste. Indonesia has large amount biomass energy, such as coconut shell, palm shell, rice husks, straw and so on, and the biomass fired CFB boiler product is highly efficient which can reach 95%-99%, therefore the biomass based power generation boiler is not only environmentally friendly but also energy saving.

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