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Biomass Fired CFB Boiler for Co-generation in Tanzania

ZG Boiler is the biomass fired CFB boiler manufacturer in China and we have supplied a set biomass fired CFB boiler for co-generation in Tanzania. Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers are ideal for efficient power generation, capable of firing a broad variety of solid biomass fuels in applications ranging from small combined heat and power plants to large utility power plants. ZG Boiler has progressively advanced and scaled up CFB technology for biomass firing since the 1980s, starting from small multi-fuel boilers in pulp and paper mills to Advanced Bio CFB technology firing a range of biomass fuels. Besides the biomass fired CFB boiler, we also design and manufacture coal fired CFB boiler and biomass mixed coal fired CFB boiler to meet different areas need according to the local resources.

The advanced CFB technology further improves the well-known benefits of earlier CFB technologies to include unprecedented fuel flexibility, inherently low emissions, and high availability. Designs of efficient subcritical boilers firing 100 per cent biomass are available to 600 MWe. This technology also offers supercritical steam boiler designs for biomass and coal co-firing applications up to 800 MWe.

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Advanced Bio CFB technology not only addresses the fuel issues related to biomass firing, but also conforms to plant requirements and optimizes its investment factors. In Tanzania, agriculture is in the dominant position and it can supply large quantity biomass energy such as rice husks, coconut shell, bagasse, wheat, wood chips, sawdust and bark, etc to the biomass CFB boiler for co-generation. Today, the biomass marketplace has changed from local to global. Biomass fuels are dried and compressed into pellets to improve the economics and logistics of moving them around the globe. Pellets are currently being produced in Brazil, the US and Canada, for example, for transportation to Europe and Asia.
To date, biomass combustion systems primarily fire forest industry residues such as wood chips, sawdust and bark. However, as the demand for biomass fuels grows and the price for wood-based biomass rises, there is a growing interest in biomass from other sources, e.g. agricultural biomass, biomass residue and biomass wastes.

ZG Boiler as the biomass fired CFB boiler manufacturer in China with more than 70 years’ history, can provide CFB boilers with rich experience, high quality, advanced technology and excellent service. ZG Boiler has exported its products to many countries and areas, such as South Korea, Russia, Colombia, Mauritius, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, and many other places, ZG Boiler is indeed a reliable industrial boilers and pressure vessels manufacturer, supplier and exporter.

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