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Rice Husk Power Plant Boiler Uganda

Rice husk power plant boiler for sale in ZG Boiler is a type biomass fired power plant boiler which uses rice husks as fuels. Rice husk power plant boiler is an environmental friendly boiler and it adopts circulating fluidized bed combustion technology and it can burn rice husk fully and the rice husk power plant boiler is energy-saving and high efficient and Uganda has imported a set rice husk power plant boiler from ZG Boiler and ZG Boiler as the rice husk power plant boiler manufacturer in Uganda has earned great popularity.

Rice husk generated as a by-product of rice processing is an important energy resource. The availability of this resource in Uganda has been assessed and the technologies for exploitation of its energy potential in rice processing industry discussed. Besides rice husk, coconut shell as well as palm shell, bagasse can also be used as a fuel to help meet the energy demands of the plant, while abating the environmental pollution associated with their disposal. Rice husk power plant boiler in Uganda is usually used to cogeneration. Cogeneration has been widely applied in agro-industries such as sugar and palm oil factories. If appropriate technologies are implemented, cogeneration can not only render these agro-industries self-sufficient in energy, but can also help them to earn a profit by exporting excess electricity produced to the national grid or to neighboring industries.

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The industries that produce these biomass residues have requirements for energy, usually in the form of electricity and heat. It is therefore customary for these industries to use the residues that are generated in an energy conversion system at least to cover for the internal requirements of the factory itself. Many facilities, however, approach this situation without due regard for energy or environmental merits.

ZG Boiler is the rice husk power plant boiler manufacturer in Uganda and we have more than 70 years’ history which are our guarantee to supply customers high quality products to meet customers’ demand. With more than 70 years’ experience in this field and absorbing advanced technologies, we are committed to providing good performance 1 t/h - 280 t/h steam boilers and hot water boilers to our valued clients both home and abroad. And our boilers have exported to Vietnam, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Iran, Philippines, Mongolia, Columbia, etc.

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