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QXX Series CFB Boiler

QXX Series CFB Boiler Introduction

QXX series CFB boiler is a type of energy-saving circulating fluidized bed boiler in ZG Boiler, and it represents the latest development direction of the circulating fluidized bed technology. QXX series CFB boiler has the advantages of wide adaptation fuel, high combustion efficiency, low NOx emissions, low cost limestone furnace desulfurization, strong load adaptability, low quality combustible fuels and so on.
QXX series CFB boiler structural arrangement simple and compact, and the body is composed of combustion equipment, coal feeder, cooling system, separator, economizer, air preheater, steel, escalators, furnace walls and other components, all of which are steel structure. QXX series CFB boiler are arranged in order from front to back: the combustion chamber, separator, backpass, which is to ensure good sealing performance; high temperature area all-sealed membrane wall structure, full suspension, stationary center expansion, feed the furnace water wall integrally with the leg swelling,which is to increase operational reliability and reduce heat loss. Front of the boiler is arranged to coal feeder, the combustion air required are provided by one or two fans, the fuel in the furnace combustion flue gas carrying a lot of material, the separator material and flue gas separation, separation of materials by Refeeder Back combustion chamber again. By adjusting the amount of coal, primary and secondary air volume and proportion, bed inventory, can easily adjust the temperature in the bed.

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QXX Series CFB Boiler Features

* High combustion efficiency:

Circulating fluidized bed boiler gas-solid mixed well, and the fuel particles can be looping combustion, combustion efficiency of up to 97-99%, the boiler thermal efficiency of 85%.

* High environmental performance:

Fuel mixed with limestone,which can economic desulfurization, Ca / S molar ratio of 1.5 to 2.5, and the desulfurization efficiency up to 85% -90%; NOx emissions can be controlled within 200ppm or less; slag activity, low carbon content, clinker for cement and building materials.

* Operational Convenience good:

High volumetric heat boiler load, the cross-sectional area of the dense area of only 1/3 ~ 1/2 conventional fluidized bed boiler, while dense area adiabatic chamber, and therefore quick and easy ignition, compression ignition timing up to 30 hours.

* Low maintenance frequency:

Since the outer QXX series CFB boiler has rare mechanical transmission, and no pipe heating surface, it is possible to fundamentally eliminate the grate drive failures and pipe wear, extend operating cycle, reduce labor intensity.

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