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DHL Series Corner Tube Coal Fired Boiler

DHL series corner tube coal fired boiler introduced GEF project technology, and also absorbs corner tube boiler technology home and abroad, as well as according to China’s coal fired chain grate technology characteristics and market demand for independent innovation design, is a water cycle, reliable, efficient combustion, low-emission large-capacity emission chain grate grate boiler.
DHL series corner tube coal fired boiler used "based on high temperature separation of fly ash internal circulating fluidized re-combustion device" and three invention patents and two utility model patents. And has the features of high thermal efficiency, low running cost, long-term trouble-free operation, low smoke emission concentration of the boiler outlet, light weight, less capital investment, factory installation, on-site installation workload, short installation period, etc., and it is the latest alternative products of China's large capacity hot water Boiler. DHL series corner tube coal fired boiler can be used as urban and industrial and mining enterprises such as central heating heat host, stand-alone for 300000-400000m² building area heating, but also as a thermal power plant peak boiler to regulate the urban heat network operation. For the needs of a large number of industrial and mining enterprises of the hot water boiler can also meet their needs.

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Salient Features

1.It adopts two patents from Xi’an Jiaotong University and they are:

1)Flying dust re-combustion equipment based on the high temperature separation, and the pattern numbers is 200610043133.2
2)Combined uniform flow design technical of corner tubes boiler flag pattern surface, and the pattern numbers is 200610043132.8

2. The Use of Crossgirder Grate

The crossgirder grate is adopted, so it has the features of less operation resistance, better grate cooling effects, lower breakdown rate, less fuel leak. And the grates are made by the first-class professional manufacturer.

3.The Use of Light-wall Structure

The use of light-wall structure, better insulation properties, no dust leak, and is also environmentally friendly. At the same time, the whole boiler adopts the secondary air turbulent combustion design idea and fly ash high temperature separation + fly ash internal circulation fluid reburning technology.

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