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DZL Series Coal Fired Boiler

DZL series coal fired boiler for sale in ZG Boiler is deigned and manufactured according to the needs of consumers and it has absorbed the strengths of the similar products. The DZL series coal fired boiler is with the advantages of high reliability, high thermal efficiency and strong overload capacity and it is the best design products of similar products in the domestic market. Boiler large (mainly on the body and the lower base) has been assembled in the factory, the user boiler large (mainly on the body and the lower base) in place, just complete the interface and auxiliary systems and piping system can be run. DZL series coal fired boiler adopts light chain belt grate, a high degree of automation, with dust removal equipment, less environmental pollution, and it has a good comprehensive economic and technical indicators.
DZL series coal fired boiler for single drum type (or drum) longitudinal, Threaded pipe as the main boiler convection heating surface of water and fire tube boiler shell type, water circle is natural circulation add ejector cycle, and the DZL series coal fired boiler adopts the convection bank structure. High temperature flue gas in the hearth by back into a convection bank at the bottom of the pot shell, then bring forward tube plate. Due to the heat convection bank inside heating surface, make the top tube sheet of smoke temperature down to about 700 ℃ below, which can effectively prevent the tube plate cracking. And the lower part of pot shell and fire bed have a large distance, and the cooling measures, therefore, there is no need to worry about lower pot shell bulge. Boiler is divided into heating surface parts, metal structure parts, the combustion system and furnace wall parts, boiler host lateral for three-dimensional plate shell.

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Salient Features

1. To avoid drum package defects

By the part of the header on both sides of the riser tube to the furnace, and then introduced under the side of the drum and covered with insulating material at the bottom of the bottom of the drum forming heating surface. The innovative furnace structure has solved the problem of high temperature flame radiation and therefore avoid the “drum package” defects.

2. Conducive to low-grade coal combustion

DZL series coal fired boiler arch design adopts the latest scientific research of “Xi'an Jiaotong University National Science and Technology Progress Award ” .The back arch is low and long and the part near the exit is inverse inclined type, while the front arch is 45 inclined type, they together form a downside "α" flame structure, which makes the low-grade coal combustion easier and it can adjust itself to a wide range of coal types.

3. Prevent the Furnace Air Leakage

Design of push-pull gate cleaning device, gate using heat-resistant cast iron finish sealing structure, which effectively prevent the secondary combustion deformation and the furnace air leakage.

4. Avoid the Tube Plate Cracks

Flue gas flue, the flue gas smoothly into the former smoke box, so that the former tube plate temperature is the same and less than 600 ℃, the maximum limit to avoid DZL series coal fired boiler due to thermal stress arising from the tube plate cracks.

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