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SHL Series Coal Fired Boiler

SHL series coal fired boiler is developed by Zhengzhou Boiler Co., ltd., which adopted the latest combustion theory product of Xi’an Jiaotong University. This is the fourth generation of coal fired boiler. It has the features of high output, high combustion efficiency, stable operation, wide range of overload adjustment, energy saving, environmentally friendly and it can be adjusted to many kinds of coals.
SHL series coal fired boiler is composed of the upper drum, lower drum, water wall, convection bundle, economizer, air preheater and other components. The front part of the boiler is composed of water-cooled wall, which is composed of front and rear water-cooling walls. The upper and lower drums are arranged with convective tube bundles, which are arranged horizontally. The economizer and air preheater are arranged at the rear of the boiler.
The boiler grate adopts double layers or single layer layout structure which can meet the customers' requirement better. In the heating surface of the boiler convection bank and the economizer, there are junctions of dust blower reserved. To some special material ( especially the strong caking fuel ), necessary measure can be adopted, to avoid the corresponding problems.Combustion equipment using scale chain grate, sub-chamber ventilation structure, adjust the sensitivity. Combustion system is running stable, coal adaptability, combined with its own cyclone dust removal function, so that the boiler exhaust smoke density and the original dust concentration are in line with environmental requirements.

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Salient Features

1. Downside "α" Type Arch Technology

Adopting the latest arch research product of Xi'an Jiaotong University named downside "α" furnace arch technology, and the former arch is high and short, rear arch low and long, which increase flue gas in the furnace burning time, and improve combustion efficiency; Streamlined rear arch can be the rear of the grate in the unburned carbon particles thrown to the front, so that more coal ignition, the fire line and tidy; coal wide applicability.

2. Unique Secondary Air Structure

It adopts unique secondary air structure which can effectively improve the aerodynamic field in the furnace and lead the hot particles to the front arch, and it is favorable for the ignition and ignition of the fuel, and also prolongs the residence time of the fuel in the furnace and improves the adaptability and utilization ratio of the fuel.

3. Flake Grate Structure

It has the advantages of no leakage of coal, uniform ventilation, easy cleaning and disassembling and so on. It can effectively reduce the air leakage and make the grate stable and reliable, which greatly improves the combustion efficiency.

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