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SZL Series Coal Fired Boiler

SZL series coal fired boiler with high efficiency, strong overload capacity ans various fuel adaptability are well known as the best design among contemporary domestic similar products and have reached the world’s advanced level.
The SZL series coal fired boiler is mainly composed of upper and lower drums, convection tubes, water-cooling wall tubes, down pipes and heaters. The upper and lower drums are arranged longitudinally and with belt type chain grate as its combustion equipment and non-polar speed-changing device drivers. The boiler proper is composed of upper and lower longitudinal drums and convection tubes. With the arrangement of the Φ51 pipes in the combustion chamber as the water-cooling wall, water-steam separation device and continuous sewage device in the upper drum and periodical sewage device in the lower drum for assure steam quality. Equipped continuous automatic feeding water device for making sure that the boiler can be safely operated. The economizer is laid at the end of the boiler.


SZL series coal fired boiler is widely applied in power plant, centralized heating, industrial steam and hot water supply.

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Salient Features

1.By adopting the water-cooling system in packaged boilers which is usually used in power plant boilers, the boiler can achieve large heat transfer area, high heat transfer efficiency, low heat loss, good air tightness, and no distortion or dust leakage of the brickwork.
2.The front and back water-cooling wall tubes stretch themselves to the upper side of the chain grate, which increases the heating surface and enhance overload capacity. The frames of the front and the rear arch are made of water-cooling tube wall, together with high-alumina cement, which can avoid the defects of the cracking and collapsing of the arch and extent its lifespan.
3.The grate length is longer than other similar type domestic products. In this way, the combustion time of the fuel in the furnace is extended and the fuel combustion is more sufficient and the carbon content in the slag is decreased. Meanwhile, the actual heating surface of the grate is increased and the overload capacity is remarkably enhanced.
4.There are six independent wind chambers arranged lengthways and each chamber has an independent air adjuster, which can respectively adjust the air volume in each chamber so as to achieve the best combustion effect.

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