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1945 – Zhengzhou Boiler Factory was established
1996 – Winning the World Bank GEF efficient industrial boiler project
1997 – Obtain B-class boiler manufacturing license.
1999 – Obtained ISO9001-94 Quality Management System Certification
2002 – Get A class boiler manufacturing license
2002 – ISO 9001-2000 quality management system switch version got success
2002 – Become a technological innovation demonstration enterprise in Henan Province
2004 – Obtained Henan Province High-tech Enterprise Certificate
2004 – Establishment of subsidiary Zhengzhou Boiler Auxiliaries Co., LTD.
2005 – Establishment of subsidiary Zhengzhou Zhengguo Vessel Co., LTD.
2006 – Establishment of subsidiary Zhengzhou Zhengguo Installation Engineering Co.,LTD.
2008 – Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. was founded
2009 – Establishment of subsidiary Zhengguo Vessel Co., Ltd.
2011 – The company signed and manufactured its first 240 ton/hr CFB power plant boiler.
2013 – Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. was selected as 2013 Top 100 Enterprises in Zhengzhou.
2014 – Passed the ASME certification and ISO9001 certification review.
2015 – 116MW CFB boiler listed as NO.1 in the efficient boiler promotion directory, which was published by National Development and Reform Commission( NDRC ).

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