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Autoclave for Laminated Glass

Autoclave is widely applied in building industry for steaming curing aac block, fly ash brick, sand lime brick and other building materials. Besides for building materials, autoclave for laminated glass is also popular.

Autoclave for Laminated Glass Procedure

The autoclave for laminated glass is the last working procedure in the production process of safety laminated glass, and the autoclave is developed on the basis of a series of experiments and absorbing the advantages of the same products home and abroad. The autoclave for laminated glass is a pressure vessel which seals the pressure vessel in the forced convection circulation, which is controlled effectively in the temperature, pressure and vacuum. It through a special design of the forced convection circulation device combination can be arbitrary regulation heating power of the heating system, and the proportion of adjustment and control of compression, cooling and discharging pressure actuator, can be obtained according to the setting process curve of temperature and pressure; suitable for the requirements of all process of laminated glass production. It is the key equipment for glass industry in the production of safety glass, bulletproof glass deep processing industry.

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Autoclave Manufacturer for Laminated Glass

ZG Boiler is the autoclave manufacturer for laminated glass in China and we own 72 years’ experience which is quite reliable to supply customers autoclave for laminated glass with high quality, advanced technology and excellent service. Thanks to our efforts, we have exported our autoclave for many countries and South Korea, Russia and other Asian countries are our main markets for autoclave.

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