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Biomass Power Generation for Palm Oil Mills Indonesia

Biomass power generation for palm oil mills in Indonesia is becoming more and more popular. And biomass power generation has become a trend in Indonesia. The priority of the Indonesian energy policy is to reduce oil consumption and to use renewable energy. For power generation, it is important to increase electricity power in order to meet national demand and to change fossil fuel consumption by utilization of biomass wastes. The development of renewable energy is one of priority targets in Indonesia.
Renewable energy to large scale is biomass fuels which includes rice husk, palm shell, coconut shell, corn cobs, wood waste, peanut shell, etc. It is estimated that Indonesia produces 146.7 million tons of biomass per year, equivalent to about 470 GJ/y. Sources of biomass energy in Indonesia are scattered all over the country, but the biggest potential in concentrated scale can be found in the Island of Kalimantan, Sumatera, Irian Jaya and Sulawesi. Studies estimate the electricity generation potential from the roughly 150 Mt of biomass residues produced per year to be about 50 GW or equivalent to roughly 470 GJ/year. These studies assume that the main source of biomass energy in Indonesia will be rice residues with a technical energy potential of 150 GJ/year.

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Biomass power generation for palm oil mills in Indonesia adopts ZG low-carbon technology, which is unprecedented in the world, utilizes a fluidized bed (CFB) boiler for generating power from biomass. This has been developed for efficient power generation based on stably combusting EFB (empty fruit bunch of palm), which is fuel comprising high water content (50%) and large size (around 30 cm). The technology has undergone continuous combustion testing on the pilot level and is at the point where it can stand up to commercial operation. Conventionally, fibers and shells comprising low water content (20~30%) and small size (no more than a few centimeters) were used in small private generation stokers in mills, however, such equipment sometimes cannot be used with EFB because much of the fuel is not combusted and it is necessary to make frequent maintenance stoppages.
ZG Boiler as the biomass power generation manufacturer for palm oil mills can supply biomass CFB boiler with high thermal efficiency and low combustion and it is a reliable choice for customers and we has a producing range 1-280 ton. Welcome to our company to select the best suitable one for you application.

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