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How Much Steam Produced by 1 Ton Standard Coal at a Boiler

The amount of steam produced by 1 ton standard coal at a boiler depends on the coal consumption and electricity consumption and they are steam boiler energy consumption indicators. Units of measurement are kg standard coal / ton of steam and kWh / ton of steam. For the actual operation of the steam boiler, the corresponding consumption indicators are generally: coal consumption should be less than or equal to 133 kg of standard coal / ton of steam; electricity consumption should be less than or equal to 98 kWh / ton of steam. When the above parameters will be changed due to operational reasons. Therefore, it is easy to calculate how much steam can be produces by 1 ton standard coal.

How Much Steam Produced by 1 Ton Standard Coal at a Boiler.j

There is currently no internationally recognized uniform standards for standard coal. As for 1 kg of standard coal calorific value, China, the former Soviet Union, Japan by 7000 kcal, the United Nations calculated by 6880 kcal. To 7000 kcal to measure a variety of fuel, power energy, that is, energy conversion standard coal conversion coefficient = a certain energy per kilogram of actual calorific value / per kilogram of standard coal calorific value (7000 kcal). According to 0.8MPa (G) saturated steam, the theoretical energy consumption of ton of steam (calculated as 0 ℃ water) is 662,766 kcal, according to this calculation, 1 ton of steam consumption of standard coal is 94.7 kg of standard coal / ton of steam, steam boiler efficiency 70% of the total coal consumption is 135kg standard coal / ton of steam, almost 1 ton coal can produce about 7 tons of steam.

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