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Industrial Boiler for Chemical Industry

Industrial boiler plays an important role in chemical industry and it needs to host more industrial boilers for chemical industry than boiler for food plant. Steam boiler water treatment chemicals is the most popular in chemical industry. Water is the key raw material for enterprises in the chemical industry sector. Water in chemical production plants is used for heating or cooling products and equipment, for vacuum creation, steam production, preparation of solvents and reaction media, extractive or absorptive reagents, product rinsing and distillation.
To meet the needs of the chemical industries, ZG Boiler offers water treatment intended for low, medium and high pressure boilers, and in addition for chemical industries, we also offer preparation of technological water by means of membrane and ion exchange technologies.
In chemical industry, it primarily relies on natural gas as the fuel of industrial boilers, and it also makes use of diverse chemical by products that can be used as fuel, such as hydrogen or other process or vent gases. ZG Boiler is the industrial steam boilers manufacturer in China and we mainly has two types natural gas steam boiler for customers to choose, they are fire tube steam boiler and water tube steam boiler.

Industrial Boiler for Chemical Industry

Fire tube steam boiler is a very common type of boiler or general boiler. Its purpose to generate steam by heating water at its boiling temperature. Steam has low density then water but has high pressure and volume. Many fire tube boilers heat water until it boils, and then the steam is used at saturation temperature in other words the temperature of the boiling point of water at a given pressure (saturated steam); this still contains a large proportion of water in suspension.
Water tube steam boilers represent one of a number of pressurized equipment options used to convert water into steam under controlled conditions. Water passes through boiler tubes while the combustion gases remain on the shell side, passing over the tube surfaces. Water tube boilers are most commonly used where high steam pressures are required and can exceed 3,000 psig. Water tube boilers can generate saturated or superheated steam, which is useful for applications such as chemical industry. In addition, these boilers are commonly used in process industries, including refining, power generation, and pulp and paper manufacturing.

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