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Industrial Horizontal Autoclave for Sale in China

ZG Boiler is an industrial horizontal autoclave manufacturer in China and we design and manufacture industrial horizontal autoclave for in steaming lime-sand brick, fly ash brick, slag brick, the air concrete block, cement pile, and other cement products.

What is Autoclave?

Autoclave structure is steel horizontal cylinder design, and the whole autoclave body adopts Q345R steel plate. Autoclave body flange, autoclave cover flange both feature 16Mn Ⅱ forge piece to manufacture. Weld of pressure parts have been inspected with X-ray non-destructive testing and heat treatment according to GB150-2011( Pressure Vessel ) industrial standard. Sealing of autoclave door adopt imported rubber seal ring which is produced by professional manufacturers. It features easy installation, good sealing and long service life. According to different parts of autoclave body bearing, we set up hold-down support, movable bearing support and customization according to geographical requirements. It adapts expansion and contraction of autoclave body well and ensure steam distribution pipe and rail. Besides, we specially install sealing gas mask, hydrophobic cover.

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Autoclave Technology Points

Autoclave belongs to low cycle fatigue pressure vessel. So the right choice of main pressure part material is especially important. Selection principles has the following five:

1. According to service conditions of autoclave, such as design temperature (design pressure, medium characteristic, operating feature). Selected material should have enough strength. This is necessary for autoclave to bear all kinds of loads.
2. Good toughness. If material toughness is not good, it will directly effect service life of autoclave which is considered by low cycle fatigue stress. This is one of the main reasons which cause brittle failure of autoclaves.
3. Good process and weldability. In order to improve weldability, we should use low phosphorus sulfur of high-quality steels which carbon content is less than 0.25%. It needs better cold heat processing.
4. Good corrosion resistance.
5. Material price is reasonable and source of goods is ample.

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