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Rice Husk Fired Steam Boiler in Bangladesh

Rice husk steam boiler for sale in Bangladesh is quite popular thanks to its rich energy reserves. And Bangladesh is an agriculture based country and the major food comes from rice. The rice plant also produces a significant amount of byproduct which is used as energy. The production of rice husk is steady and increasing in trend in Bangladesh. This biomass energy is playing a significant role in the country energy use.

Rice Husk Energy in Bangladesh

Production of rice husk energy is steady over decade and day by day it is increasing in trend. In 1991, the production of rice husk energy was 76.35 PJ and it increased to 106.1 PJ in 2004. The growth of rice the husk production is calculated as 2.57% which is higher than the overall growth of traditional fuel (1.73%).

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Rice Husk Energy Application in Bangladesh

Traditionally, part of rice husk is used as an admixture in poultry feed and the balance is normally a disposal problem, in the absence of any market for the husk. Taking advantage of the lower cost of rice husks, small process industries located near the rice mills started using it as a fuel in their boilers to generate steam or electricity. Some of the units started pelletisation of rice husks for use as a substitute for firewood and coal at the household and small industry level, but pelletisation of rice husks, as practiced during those days, had its own set of problems and could not progress further.

Rice Husk Fired Steam Boiler Manufacturer in Bangladesh

ZG Boiler is the rice husk steam boiler manufacturer in Bangladesh and the rice husk steam boiler is widely applied in small scale rice mills in Bangladesh. Rice husk steam boiler can supply steam for dyeing or mechanical energy to convert electricity and ZG Boiler as the rice husks team boiler manufacturer in Bangladesh has awarded good reputation thanks to our rich experience, advanced technology, high quality and excellent service.

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