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Steam Boiler for Food Plant

Steam is an essential service in many parts of the food industry, primarily as a source of heat for food product or equipment decontamination. And steam boiler plays an important role in supplying steam for food plant. ZG Boiler is an industrial boilers manufacturer in China and we can supply customers high quality steam boilers for application in food plant, sugar mill, textile industry, paper mill, power plant, etc.
Steam boiler for food plant has a high requirement to steam quality and the hygienic quality of the steam, particularly if it comes into direct contact with food product or food contact surfaces, is critical. Consequently all necessary measures should be undertaken in the specification, design, installation, control and maintenance of steam production systems to ensure that the steam used is of the appropriate hygienic quality.

Steam boilers are needed in most food processing plants to provide process steam, used mainly in various operations, such as heating of process vessels, evaporators and dryers, sterilization, blanching, and peeling. A medium size food plant (80 tons / day raw material) may require a boiler producing about 10 tons/h of steam at 18 bar pressure.

Two principal types of steam boilers are used in the food processing industry, i.e. the fire tube steam boiler and the water tube steam boilers. The fire tube boilers operate at relatively lower pressure (1–24 bar) and produce cleaner steam. The water- tube units operate at higher pressures (100–140 bar) and they are suited for co- generation, i.e. electrical power and exhaust steam of lower pressure for process heating. Co-generation is economical in large food plants, requiring large amounts of low-pressure steam, e.g., beet sugar plants. A standby steam boiler of proper capacity may be necessary to provide process steam during any boiler failure or breakdown.

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Steam boilers are rated in Btu/h, kW or boiler HP (1 Btu/h = 0.293 W, 1 boiler HP = 9.8 kW). The heat flux in the boiler heating surface is about 0.75 kW/ m2. The boiler efficiency is about 85% with most of the thermal losses in the dry gases and the moisture. Steam generation is about 1.4 t/h per MW.

In order to maintain the concentration of accumulated dissolved solids in steam boilers below 3500 ppm, periodic discharge of hot water (blow down) is practiced.
Fuel is used in food plants mostly for generating process steam and process drying. Natural gas and liquefied propane (LPG) are preferred fuels in food processing, because their combustion gases are not objectionable in direct contact with food products.

ZG Boiler supplies 1-280 steam boilers to meet customers’ demand. We are an IBR steam boiler manufacturer in China and we also have awarded ASME certificate. If you are interested in our products, you can chat our online service to know more information about our steam boiler for food plant.

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