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Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for Chemical Industry

Waste heat recovery boiler is refers to the use of all kinds of industrial waste gas, waste and waste liquid in the process of the heat generated by the combustion of waste heat and combustible substances of substance to a boiler to heat water. Waste heat recovery boiler through the waste heat recovery can be used to produce hot water or steam to supply other section in industry. In chemical industry, there are much waste heat and gas can be recovered and waste heat recovery boiler for chemical industry has becoming and more popular around the world. ZG Boiler as the waste heat recovery boiler manufacturer with more than 70 years’ history, has rewarded ASME and IBR certificates and we own advanced technology, high quality and one-level service to meet customers’ demand in power generation, large scale heating, etc.

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Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for Chemical Industry Advantages

1.Reduction in Pollution

Thermal and air pollution will dramatically decrease since less flue gases of high temperature are emitted from the plant since most of the energy is recycled.

2.Reduction in the equipment sizes

As Fuel consumption reduces so the control and security equipment for handling the fuel decreases. Also, filtering equipment for the gas is no longer needed in large sizes.

3.Reduction in auxiliary energy consumption

Reduction in equipment sizes means another reduction in the energy fed to those systems like pumps, filters, fans,...etc.

4. Reduction in Costs of fuel and energy

The recovery process will add to the efficiency of the process and thus decrease the costs of fuel and energy consumption needed for that process.

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